Meet The Team


John Baxter – Managing Director of Eurodata Group

John’s background has always been in computer operations. He started life as an Operations Manager for Honeywell Information Systems responsible for data centres in Manchester, Hammersmith and Acton. He set up Eurodata Computer Services Ltd. in 1976 as a punched card bureau. Since then Eurodata has become one of the most experienced data entry companies in the UK. CADS, (Coding & Data Services), was purchased by Eurodata in 1999 as a highly successful going concern with the added benefit of an experienced coding department.
John’s main responsibility is for the continuing technical development of the companies, the constant review and enhancement of procedures and the selection of hardware and software. He is also responsible for Group Sales and PR. Each week, John spends two days at Eurodata and two days at CADS.
In his spare time he is a fully qualified gliding instructor based at Lasham, Hampshire.

Fiona Wood – General Manager

Fiona has managed CADS since 1999 and has been a data entry operator, coder and programmer for CADS since 1975. She has worked in The Market Research Industry for over 20 years and is able to undertake any role or function any of her staff can. She has a very wide knowledge of all aspects of Market Research data handling.
Fiona manages all in house operations, provides quotations and liaises with clients and fieldwork companies to maintain the smooth completion of projects.
She has been responsible for some recent on-site automotive coding and data entry projects in Spain.

Vanessa Barber – Coding Manager

Vanessa has been coding nearly all of her adult life and now manages a highly experienced team of  in-house coders.

Sue Thomlinson – Data Entry Manager

Sue has been with CADS since 1992 working alongside Barb G and is responsible for assisting with the preparation of data entry programs and the supervision of operators. Sue’s other responsibilities include the initial testing of programs for new projects, quality control and re-verification of verified work as part of our quality control procedures . She heads up the team of experienced verifiers who maintain our renowned high standards of accuracy. She also co-ordinates staff training.


Dolores Spencer – Office Manager

Dolores, already a lightning fast operator, has a lengthy background in the world of data entry. Highly intelligent and adaptable, she supports Gina in all of her roles as office manager. She is also responsible for tasking our large team of operators who key data at their hot desks.
Dolores is responsible for Eurodata’s booking in system, quality control and staff selection as well as overseeing customer projects.

Lesley Smith – Senior Operator

One of most experienced and fast operators, she trains staff in new software and coding procedures. Also able to program data entry software, she is EXCEL & WORD literate and is fully conversant in all aspects of our data entry platforms including SPSS and TRIPLE-S. She has been employed in data entry for over 30 years.